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You will find a generous variety of specialty cookies at Tail Waggins. Along with our full operational, onsite bakery, we offer Premium Foods, Raw Foods, Gifts, Cats Foods and Supplies, Full Service Grooming and our Luxury Dog Wash Spa.

Our Self Service Dog Spa will surpass all your expectations. Our elevated Marble lined tubs make washing your dog so easy. We supply everything you need. Bring them in dirty, take them home, we clean up the mess.

Tail Waggins Dog Bakery is near and dear to my heart. That’s why I take the utmost care and hours of research to provide our customers with, what I feel are the best products on the market. I pride myself in only selecting the best ingredients for the treats we produce and you will be able to identify every ingredient in the list and we do not cut corners. Our treats are a little more expensive, but you can be certain, you are getting a quality, wholesome product for your dollars.

Some goes for the foods that I choose to have in my store. We pride ourselves in bringing you the latest information on the foods that we carry. We will encourage you to feed your pet a whole prey diet as they would eat in the wild. We will provide you the education and follow up you need to make this transition and see your pet thrive.

The following are a list of the foods that we carry. This list if forever changing, so please call us if your pet’s preference is not listed. There are some foods that I special order for customers. Through my research, I feel comfortable in offering these brands to our customers, in no special order:

For Dogs…

  • Bravo Raw Diet and Freeze Dried
  • Primal Raw and Freeze Dried Diet
  • Vital Essentials Raw Diet
  • Nature’s Variety Raw Diet, Freeze Dried, Meal Mixers, Canned and Kibble
  • Bones & Co Raw Diet
  • Steve’s Real Raw Food
  • My Perfect Pet Cooked Frozen Diet
  • Raw Bistro Raw Diet
  • OC Raw Diet and Freeze Dried
  • Nulo Kibble and Canned
  • Open Farm Kibble
  • Fromm Kibble and Canned
  • Taste of the Wild Kibble and Canned
  • Acana Kibble
  • Orijen Kibble
  • Nutrisource Kibble and Canned
  • Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried and Meal Mixers
  • Honest Kitchen Freeze Dried
  • Solid Gold Kibble and Canned
  • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Kibble and Canned
  • Wild Calling Kibble and Canned

For the Cat Lovers….

  • Rad Cat Raw Diet
  • Primal Raw Diets and Freeze Dried
  • Nature’s Variety Raw Diet, Canned and Kibble
  • Tiki Cat Kibble and Canned
  • Nulo Kibble and Canned
  • Natural Planet Organics Kibble
  • Open Farm Kibble
  • Solid Gold Kibble and Canned
  • Taste of the Wild Kibble and Canned
  • Fromm Kibble and Canned
  • Orijen Kibble
  • Bravo Canned
  • PureVita Kibble
  • Nutrisource Kibble and Canned

Our list of treats is endless, including our bakery goods, so it is best to come in and browse our huge selection. We only offer USA made treats, so feel comfortable with shopping with us. We encourage you to bring your leashed pets with you so they can pick out their favorites.

See you all Soon!