I am not one to shop competition to check out what they are selling or prices. I feel like I am different in that I am customer focused, American focused and small company focused, not so much price focused.

Yet, I made an interesting discovery over the weekend. My spouse needed some fish supplies, and because my distributors do not carry fish supplies, we went to a local Pet (Mart) store. I was also looking for a bungee toy for our cat tree of which I can’t seem to get from my vendors. As I was walking and searching, I made the discovery that our small Tail Waggins store is not only competitive in price, We are CHEAPER on some items.

So why shop Small Businesses like Tail Waggins…. Small business connects with their customers. We form bonds and friendships unlike the big box stores. When is the last time you made a real connection with the clerk who was cashing you out? Small business does not have share holders. While you are buying your goods from those Big Pet (Mart) stores, you are lining the pockets of people getting richer. Small business is the foundation of this country, we are merely trying to send our kids to college and we are not getting rich by any means. Small business spends 14-18 hour days, 7 days a week, trying to find items you all want to buy, paying the government their fair share, doing payroll, placing orders, contacting vendors, finding the best deals to pass along to customers, buying American to keep others like ourselves employed, managing problems and keeping our few employees happy. Truly, the list is endless. We don’t take days off because there is no one else to do our job.

My plea to you, if you can shop small business, please consider it. Big Box chains and government/local taxation is running small business out of business. Please shop your individual Mom and Pop locations. We are just like you all, trying to pay one bill at a time.

Last but the most important, Thank you for your support. Without each and every one of you, we could not exist.

Woof and Wags,