Tail Waggin’s Dog Bakery started off with healthy, high quality dog treats, (hence the name Dog Bakery), but has evolved into so much more than just baked goods. Tail Waggin’s offers a holistic approach to dog and cat’s health in that it offers alternatives to health problems with biologically appropriate food and all things natural. I know and believe this because that is exactly how Tail Waggin’s helped me.

My husband and I have some very sensitive French Bulldogs, and when we first got them, he went and bought them Bones & Co., which is a raw food. I thought he was crazy for buying this expensive raw food! I told him to take it back immediately and that we didn’t need it. I was determined that we would feed kibble (because it’s more convenient), and I couldn’t have been more wrong. On the French Bulldog Royal Canin kibble, my dogs had chronic diarrhea. I did everything I knew how to do: I took them to the vet and gave them all kinds of different vet prescribed medications. Even on medicine, their diarrhea persisted. I was so frustrated that I could not get this to go away! The first time I came into Tail Waggin’s, I was just looking for some good treats that wouldn’t give my dogs diarrhea, but I found so much more. I have a very sensitive Frenchie named Luna, who struggled the most with intestinal upset. When I went into Tail Waggin’s, it was explained to me that Luna’s kibble food could be causing the problem, because dogs were meant to eat a biologically appropriate raw diet and they didn’t need carbohydrates in their food. After a week of researching food and holistic alternatives to medicine, I decided to change her food to high quality kibble and raw.

After I started working at Tail Waggin’s, Diane advised me to put her on digestive enzymes and slippery elm. That combination-raw food with digestive enzymes and slippery elm cured Luna of her diarrhea! All she really needed was a little boost to digest the fat and help her gut get healthy, but I had no idea! The vet didn’t tell me that; the vet told me we would do one more round of medicine and antibiotics, a vicious cycle that kept her gut unhealthy. Now I’m not condemning giving your dog medicine or going to a vet, because sometimes it is necessary, but I would rather spend money on good food and have a healthy dog, than spend money at the vet and have an unhealthy dog. In my experience, Tail Waggin’s helped me understand that good food can eliminate a lot of the health problems that bad food can create, when fed the right diet. When you feed your dog the right food, they shouldn’t have as many (or hopefully no) health problems, beyond those genetically predisposed. Tail Waggins proprietor medical background offers sound alternatives to common issues.

That is why Tail Waggin’s Dog Bakery has so much more to offer than just human grade dog treats. Tail Waggin’s carries raw food, high quality kibble, vitamins and so much more for your animals. Even if your dog isn’t struggling with a health problem, but maybe just has a loss of appetite, Tail Waggin’s can still help you. Stop in sometime and let Tail Waggin’s surprise you!

Wishing the best to you and your beloved pets,
Sarah Reeves